Writing my book Eve, Where Are You? did not come easy.

In the era of self-publishing, many can believe that getting a book published can’t be that difficult. People may even downplay the need for an editor and maybe even a quality graphic artist. I want to take it a step further. You just may need more than both of these specialists on your team.

Even though I had just completed my doctorate degree, having had to defend my 258-page dissertation (which is one of the biggest writing challenges I’ve ever accomplished), I still knew I would need guidance in writing this book. I didn’t just want an editor: someone to check my grammar and syntax. I wanted a writing coach: someone who could challenge me to produce at a quality level. If it had not been for my writing coach, there is no way this book would have become the hybrid book that it is. It’s part expert book, part religious, part scholarly, part therapeutic; and it’s all inspired by God!

In week two of my podcast, I start part one of my interview with Natasha Small, writing coach extraordinaire. If you are a writer, want to be a better writer, or are considering writing a book, tune in to hear our conversation. You will definitely be blessed. With the Kingdom of God in heart and mind, Dr. Nicole

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Photo by J. ALEXworks