On this week’s podcast, I continued my conversation with Sharnelle Jones, ordained minister and educator (listen to part one here).  One of the topics we discussed was the need for women to be open and receptive to the new people that God will bring into our lives. These right connections can assist us in getting where we are supposed to be to fulfill God’s purposes.

Whether it is in ministry within the four walls of the church, or if it’s to utilize your abilities in other arenas in the community and marketplace, there are people who are divinely assigned to you who can mentor you, support you, encourage you, and prepare you to operate at your highest levels.

At one of Sharnelle’s lowest points, after being rejected by her pastor, a friend invited Sharnelle to a conference for Christian women in leadership. The event lifted her emotionally and spiritually, changing the trajectory of her life! The teachings of the new women she met helped her become ready to move full steam ahead for God! They were able to dust off the pain of rejection and send her back out into the world renewed and energized. These were other women leaders devoted to God’s Word who trusted that God has a plan for women. These were women who knew of their own worth and helped Sharnelle discover more of hers.

I want to bring attention to the words I used in the first paragraph: right connections.  I say this because many women are choosing wrong connections. They have been hurt or silenced by the church and now are looking to other religions to find support and empowerment. Sharnelle and I broached this topic during this episode. I want to warn against taking such actions if you are a believer in Jesus Christ. No matter what justifications we attach to our appeal to witchcraft, ancestral religions, or other forms of spiritual enlightenment, these methods, while seemingly effective in the moment, will have long-term unpredictable and regretful consequences.

As an aside, not only is the right connection with various networks invaluable, the right spousal connection is just as critical too. In my book, Eve, Where Are You? I talk specifically about the role that other women play in our lives, and I share some of the advantages of having a supportive spouse. Order your copy TODAY!

In the near future, I’ll probably do a podcast to address spousal support and non-support more directly.

With the Kingdom of God in heart and mind,

Dr. Nicole

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