When I think about the various challenges I’ve had in my life, it’s hard to describe the gratefulness I feel towards God for the concept of friendship. True friends help us figure out how to process failures, overcome disappointments, and prepare for the future. Even if they don’t have the answers, per se, they are there to walk with you as you discover how best to proceed.

While many of us could probably list the ingredients that make up a great friendship, I think we would be hard-pressed to agree on the amount of each ingredient needed to produce the “right” kind of friend for each individual. Where we can agree is on the realization that what makes the concept of friendship so awesome and what ingredient amounts are needed would probably be different for each group of friends. Nonetheless, whatever the mixture is, it is amazing how those who are in the group innately know when it has been successfully created. The ability to experience a quality friendship is a gift from God.

In a two-part podcast conversation, my best friend and I discuss a number of things as it relates to our lives, our friendship, ministry endeavors, and my book writing journey. One aspect of friendship that we discuss is the important part a friend plays in helping us actualize the desires that God has placed in our hearts. Quality friends not only root for us, they want us to succeed.

In my book, I discuss the role a woman plays in other women’s lives. That role can either lead towards a friendship or not, and that’s okay. However, as women, we all decide what part we want to play in another woman’s journey and my prayer is that your role is always to build  women up and not tear them down.

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With the Kingdom of God in heart and mind,

Dr. Nicole

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