Just like drinking water, there is something refreshing about receiving revelation about yourself. I’m talking about having those “ah-ha” moments when the light comes on to show you why you do what you do, say what you say, act the way you act, or feel a particular way about people, places, and things.

While speaking with Lenora in part two of our conversation in this week’s podcast, she explained in detail where she found herself in the lines and pages of this book. I can’t describe how that warmed my heart to hear her share that. Along with my listeners, I was hearing Lenora’s beautiful words for the very first time.

What she received is what I want for every woman to receive who reads Eve, Where Are You? My prayer is that God will open the eyes of your understanding and illuminate His plan for you and that He will help you understand who you are a little better for your journey ahead. Clarity and strength are within your reach through Eve, Where Are You?

With the Kingdom of God in heart and mind,

Dr. Nicole

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Photo by J. ALEXworks