There are times in our Christian walk when we actually feel good about where we are. We can confidently check off all the boxes regarding our regularly spending time in prayer, daily reading our Bibles, routinely helping others, weekly serving at our local church. We even give charitable donations to various organizations. By some, we would be considered, “good Christians” and that would be true.

However, what we may or may not realize is that there are levels in our walk with God. He desires to take us from faith to faith. That journey will look very different for every single one of us. If God could truly have His way in our lives, His desire would be for us to go deeper in our knowledge of Him and closer in our walk with Him.

If He can just get us to partner with Him to do these things, we will find ourselves not only needing to do more for Him but WANTING to do more to advance His agenda to make this earth a better place to live.

When God created us, He had a specific purpose in mind for how we would live out our lives. There are certain people we are to touch, pray for, and even walk with. If we choose to obey His leading, sometimes His assignments for us have us doing things far beyond our comfortable circle if friends, family, and church community. The problem is, very few of us choose to trust God when He wants to takes us out on the fringe. We prefer stay where we are familiar and known.

There are many ways that we come to realize that, with all the good we are doing, there is more that we are capable of, and even required to do for the advancement of the kingdom of God. Our ears have to be sensitive to His voice to recognize when there needs to be a shift in how it is that we are showing up in our lives.

This week’s podcast has stretched me. The woman you will hear about in this episode had a zeal for God that was beyond human understanding. She lived in the 1500’s and like the other women we have heard about this month, she overcame many obstacles and barriers to become a viable asset to God’s work here on earth.

This week’s podcast has stretched me. The woman you will hear about was young, determined, and committed even unto death to please God and to stand up for His word. She showed me that I’m capable of more. Her life serves as an example that when we think we’ve reached our limits, with God, we can still do more…

Her story stretched me and it will stretch you too.

As women, the calling we possess that come’s directly from God, will often require us to do things beyond our limited thinking. I want to ask you a question: How far are you willing to go for the cause of Christ? You may want to take a little time to answer this question. My book, Eve, Where Are You? also asks very poignant questions that will leave you in a place of contemplation as you consider what’s next.

I invite you to go deeper, higher, and farther in Christ. Wherever you are, He promises to be with us every step of the way. Get your copy of the book today. It will prepare you for the inevitable stretch that awaits you.

With the Kingdom of God in heart and mind,

Dr. Nicole

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