March is Women’s History Month. At every turn I am hearing, seeing, or reading about a woman who has done something inspiring or courageous. What makes this month even more special is that we can salute ALL women and we can be encouraged by EVERY woman’s story no matter her background or nationality.

We NEED to see other women excel. We NEED to see women take risks. We NEED to see women make hard decisions. And, most importantly we NEED to see women as leaders.

As a young woman, I did not have a mentor. Through my years in the military and as a young wife, there were no women in my circle that I knew of who had personal aspirations ALONG WITH being a wife and a mother. I just didn’t want to give up myself. In addition to my new family roles, I still believed what I wanted for my own life was still important. I knew no one of good moral character, strong in their faith, and willing to work hard on personal development who shared this philosophy.

I always felt different.

I could not find anyone that I could identify with, to talk to, and to get guidance from on how to navigate all that I was experiencing.

I found myself frustrated.

Examples of women of integrity, commitment, hard-work, Christ-centered, devoted wives, loving mothers, and straight up bosses in life and career is what I wanted and felt I needed. It’s a need we all have.

We need to see other women fail and get back up. We need to see other women work hard and get the reward at the end. We need to see other women take a stand, get in the fight, and lay it all on the line for a cause she believes in.

We need each other.

As women we ARE the examples that other women need to see. Every woman can lift another woman by sharing experiences that can help their sisters figure out their next move.

This week on my podcast, I share the story of a woman that lived in the 1100’s. I can only imagine that as she was figuring out her own life, she had no idea that her story would eventually touch the life of a woman in the 2000’s.

How amazing is that?!?!

Today, her story becomes our story, and our story has the potential to touch the lives of other women years and even decades from now.

In order for that to happen we too have to embrace God’s calling and press into Him until His purpose for which we were put here on this earth is being lived out loud.

With every step we take, every choice we make, someone can be made all the better for it. If you are struggling with figuring out who you are, I recommend my book, Eve, Where Are You? It can help you rise to the occasion and take your rightful place as an example for other women to follow.

With the Kingdom of God in heart and mind,

Dr. Nicole

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