Exposure is an instance in time or over time that one is made aware of or influenced by something new or different. These new or different things become examples for us of what can be in our own lives.

I can recall moments when I became aware of something unknown to me before on a grand scale: the first time I got on a plane; the moment I left home and joined the military; the first time I traveled oversees; the day I gave my life to God and received salvation through His son Jesus; and, the beginning of my relationship with the organized church as an adult.

Of course, there are many other instances where I was exposed to new things, but these I’ve listed had the most profound effect on my life as I sit and think about it. I can also recall that some other great finds in life were the moments I was exposed to women who looked like me, believed in the same God as me, who had similar philosophies on life as me who were doing great things as wives, mothers, and professionals.

These women became my examples.

As people, we grow and learn so much about ourselves as we see others accomplish great feats. When we hear about the journeys they’ve taken to get them to their current places or positions we become inspired and even challenged to think bigger or do more. Also, as you identify with thoughts, feelings, and experiences of others, you understand more about your own fears and strengths, likes and dislikes, convictions and passions.

It’s in their stories, often times, that we begin to learn more about ourselves.

As an additional bonus, exposure to these people help us to discover our own purpose in life. I’ve learned that exposure is a key to discovery and discovery is a key to learning your purpose.

On the podcast this week, I share the story of a woman born in the 1300’s who knew very early in her childhood how she wanted to spend the rest of her life. That is difficult for most people to conceptualize. What makes this even more fascinating of a story is that she was right! The more she pressed into what she wanted and how she believed she was supposed to live her life in service to God, the more her path was revealed to her about what to do. Each step helped her become more confident about her life’s work allowing her to accomplish amazing and unprecedented feats.

What an example to us all!

In my book, Eve, Where Are You? I help women confidently step into the unknown and to embrace uncertainty to get to a place where they are living a fulfilled and free life without fear of what others think about them. I do this by exposing women to new and different information and by utilizing the life stories of others as examples of what can be accomplished through a life surrendered to God.

Take the time to listen to this week’s podcast and get your copy of the book. Just like the many women you have learned about over your lifetime who are making great strides in various ways, make the decision to press in, discover who you are, and allow God’s purpose for your life to be revealed to you.

It’s time to actualize your deepest desires and allow God to work through you for the greater good of humanity. We’re waiting on you. We want to be exposed to your story as another example of greatness.

With the Kingdom of God in heart and mind,

Dr. Nicole

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Photo by J. ALEXworks