One of my biggest challenges in writing this book was connecting the words in my head to the passion in my heart. My writing coach called it, “writer’s head.”

As I think back to the writing process she took me through, I was able to learn how to break through my inhibitions and learn how to give myself permission to say what instinctively came up for me. I tapped in to what I feel and think when women are marginalized; how I feel when women are overlooked and undervalued and not given equal opportunities to walk fully in the callings that they believe God has gifted them to fulfill; when I think about how women treat women just because they want more out of life than to play coy and pretend to be satisfied in simply serving their husbands; and, what I feel when I think about women who have grand ideas that have the ability to revolutionize a family, a community, a business, and yes, a church, but are not able to speak or lead simply because of sexism.

I allowed myself to not only feel, but to adequately and compassionately articulate those feelings in a natural and straightforward delivery style that would prick hearts, challenge thinking, and provoke change…and I did it.

If any part of what I’ve described here resonates with you as the recipient of such behavior or as the culprit, I invite you to read, Eve, Where Are You? This book identifies the challenges women face and gives us language to better understand how we feel about such issues. It also establishes a blueprint for those who want to help women reclaim their dignity and identity. But, to do that, you’ll have to get out of your head as well and feel the words for yourself.

With the Kingdom of God in heart and mind,

Dr. Nicole

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